Frequently Asked Questions

What is Giustinstock?
It is an on-line interactive catalogue of furnishing accessories selection like handles, knobs and other accessories for furniture available among our dealers in fast delivery.

What does fast delivery mean ?
To support this collection, there is a prompt delivery warehouse that estimates the request time anticipating production lots based on the movement of the requests. The times to receive the ordered products is sometimes cut down to technical times only required to organize the transport.

What do these icons mean?


Limited availability

In production

These symbols show the availability of products in real time at the Giustinstock warehouse.

Why register with My list?
By registering you will have the option to create a list of preferred items "My list" that can be viewed and changed at any time. By registering, your list of preferred items will always remain available in My list.

How do I find an item that suits my needs?
From the side menu in the “Search” section, you can find the items according to their precise characteristics, based on their type, size, material or finish.

What else can I find in this interactive catalogue?
Here you will also find a “Screws” section dedicated to fixing systems of the suggested items.

What are the browsing functions?
From the side menu  you will find the options to access all the functions of the interactive catalogue:
The Home button and central logo located in the upper menu bar allow you to go back to the main page.
In the interactive catalogue, you can view all the suggested items, divided by family where you may change the view options and columns by selecting the icons located on the upper right hand size  with one column, with two columns or with three columns.
In the search page, you can search for products by cross-checking more options, for example: the type, the style, the material, the finish and other details such as the new features or search for sizes. Select an item from the interactive catalogue to access a tab with the option to share it with whoever you wish .
Moreover, you can create a list of preferred items to view at any time.
In the “Screws” section, if available, you will also find all you need to fix the items of the interactive catalogue.
To contact us or to learn more about us, go to the contact page.
Select “Login/register” if you are already registered, to access your list of preferred items. Otherwise, simply register to create your list in “My list” section.